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Hi, I’m Silke Therhaag. I help business leaders to deliver benefit-driven procurement outcomes while ticking all the compliance and probity boxes.

I am passionate about breathing new life into this space and making the process as enjoyable and beneficial as possible. I provide hands-on advice based on my real-world procurement and leadership experience.

I approach each challenge with the question how can we deliver better value? My mission is to deliver positive change through realising the potential value in procurement.

So, if you want practical procurement advice and simple solutions that deliver real value, I’m the consultant for you.

Silke Therhaag

Do You Need a Procurement Consultant?​

Often clients know that something isn’t right with their procurement processes but can’t quite put their finger on what the issue is. Do any of the following scenarios sound familiar?

Whether you need a simple gap-analysis, a broader analysis including stakeholder consultations or an in-depth strategic procurement review, I’m your procurement consultant. I can provide you with a roadmap for improving procurement across your organisation.

We can also explore how category management and strategies can assist your organisation and provide you with a structured, measurable and practical path forward.

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